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About Megha Caring

MeGha Caring had its beginning in the year 2021 in Sri Lanka amidst the pandemic. Using the traditional knowledge of herbs inherited from our forefathers and modern science and technology, our research team was able to create a new chemical combination that was able to retain the natural immunity of humans.

We were able to cure more than 120,000 people in 20+ countries. Since the beginning, Our research team is constantly exploring the chemical aspects of natural herbs to cure the incurable.

We are always committed to provide the best in quality of our products by ensuring our compliance to international standards such as ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 22000 : 2018, HACCP and GMP certifications,

The primary goal of MeGha Caring is to enhance the quality of life by promoting good health and wellness by combining traditional knowledge with modern science and technology. Hence, MeGha products are presented with no artificial colourings, flavours, or preservatives, making it safe for everyone.

The herbs used in our products are being used for thousands of years in indigenous traditional medicine for health and wellness. And their results are scientifically proven in hundreds of various researches worldwide.

The efficiency of MeGha products is proven constantly by positive results that were provided by thousands of our customers


To heal people around the world from diseases and ensure the health and wellness of all.


To constantly research traditional natural ingredients to develop food supplements in order to enhance the health and wellness of people around the world and use modern technology to make them compelling to the lifestyles of modern consumers.


Our Values

Honesty & Integrity

Each employee maintains the highest ethical standards and acts to protect and uphold the regulations and procedures required to produce quality products.

Customer Service

To build long-term, lasting relationships with our customers, each employee is committed to providing quality products and services that promote growth and understanding.


Each employee is committed to producing safe and effective products, along with providing reliable information and service to both internal and external stakeholders.


All employees and departments work together in support of one another to move MeGha Caring forward to reach the company’s goals and objectives.

Continuous Improvement

Each employee promotes and supports continuous efforts that lead to improvements in our processes, products, services, and workplace.


Each employee has a “can do” attitude that manifests itself by creatively turning problems into solutions. This attitude is present at all levels in our company and is applied to all aspects of our operations.

Breakthrough in Science

We consider MeGha Primal Intake as a breakthrough of the pharmaceutical industry. As per the study done by Dr. C. Sekar, Professor & Head Deptartment of BEBS, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India, MeGha Primal Intake has shown promising results when fighting with both gram positive and negative bacterias. 


At MeGha Caring, we believe that MeGha Primal Intake is the newest antibiotic of the world. It can be used as an oral antibiotic and further R&D is currently carried out to develop this into IV form. We are quite sure that we are the first Sri Lankan company that was able to achieve this goal.

Our Team

Dr. Udara Gunawardhana

Medical Research Team

Harindu Danthanarayan

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nanda Gunawardhana

Medical Research Team

Ruwan Gunawardana

Director of Production & Supply Chain

Our Certificates

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