Primal Intake


When the whole world was depending on protective measures for the recent pandemic, we at MeGha Caring wanted to save people who were already infected.

Our expert team researched local herbs for nearly 12 months and after months of extensive R&D they were able to create a chemical combination which is able to prevent cytokine storm, regenerate Alveolar Type II cells and minimise brain and nerve damage caused by the virus.

Key Ingredients : Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Sweet Flag, Holy Basil and Malabar Nut

We carried out essential laboratory tests in both locally and internationally recognized testing facilities such as Bureau Veritas, SGS and ITI.

Once it was proved safe to consume we introduced MeGha Primal Intake to markets in March, 2021 as a food supplement.

It is available in Arpico Supercentre which is one of the major supermarket chains in Sri Lanka and all the prominent pharmacies across the country. Moreover, MeGha Primal Intake is available in local digital platforms such as Kapruka, Daraz and international platforms such as Ebay and Aliexpress.

We take pride in stating that within the first 12 months we were able to move out more than 110,000 units of MeGha Primal Intake and there are no recorded fatalities among those consumed within the first 07 days of infection


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