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MeGha Vac Recover was created to cure the long term post-covid diseases and to cure side effects of Covid19 related vaccines. Once we identified abnormal growth of diseases within the past 08 – 09 months, our research team started investigating them.

We carried out 16 health camps in 10 districts in Sri Lanka to investigate this abnormal growth. We were able to identify a significant growth of 24 Cardiovascular, Neurological, Hypoxic and Inflammatory diseases just after 02 and 03 doses. Heart attack, paralysis, poor eyesight and shortness of breath are major side effects.

Key Ingredients : Cocoa, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Sweet Flag, Holy Basil and Malabar Nut.

We used Phenolic Antioxidant compounds of cocoa(Theobroma cacao) and Eugenol from Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) as key ingredients of MeGha Vac Recover.

This chemical combination enabled us to enhance Anti-Hypoxic, Anti-Oxidation, Anti-Coagulation, Anti-Plated Aggregation and Anti-Inflammatory effects of MeGha Vac Recover.

It is also available in Arpico Supercentres and all the prominent pharmacies across the country. Lately we have seen a growth of sales in international markets such as Australia, Canada, UK and UAE.


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